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Meet MacOur Amazing Little Superstar

The date is 24 September 2014.  Sitting proudly in his highchair, feeding himself is Mac. It is his first birthday. His mum, Janine, is deliriously happy.  She has received confirmation that his development is normal with some areas “above normal”.  Janine’s joy is contagious. We hug each other and are in unison that the world needs to know about the gift of neuroplasticity.

A year earlier Mac was born, a beautiful boy weighing in at 3760g and by 8 weeks was having seizures every 10 minutes, whilst awake. The nightmare that had become a daily reality, escalated. Mac’s elder middle brother Beck had developed seizures, possibly from the age of 8 weeks with his first major seizure happening when he was 9 months. The family were living a nightmare of coping with frequent seizures of a baby, toddler and trying to keep life normal for their eldest child.

Neuroplasticity has changed the future for Beck and Mac, thanks to the amazing work of Dr Beck and the dedicated team at The Institute of Functional Neuroscience. Brain mapping revealed that Beck was brain impaired with no communication between the left and right side of the brain. He had stopped talking, too weak to walk, terrified of noise, did not see objects in his environment and was not socially engaging. Beck is now at school talking, learning, socially engaging and still working on his fear of change and building his physical strength. Mac’s seizures have lessened with some seizure free periods.  He has no brain impairment and his development is normal.  The absence of brain damage, given the amount of seizures this little boy has endured, is a miracle.  As Mac has been having neuron plasticity treatment since 4 months of age he is now a case study.

Already by this age Mac had endured hundreds of seizures.

Meet Janin Our Superstar Mum

Janine Thompson is one of the many Mums and Dads who battle brain disorders, as part of their everyday life.

Janine’s story is the reason for Amazing Smart Kids starting its movement to raise awareness and funds for kids with brain disorders.  She represents the essence of the love a mother has for her child; a love that cannot give up on your child reaching their full potential.

Birthing a baby into life is a transformational experience that knows no bounds.

When a child suffers, the parent suffers too.

We feel their pain, their joy, their growth, their setbacks.

Discovering the gift of neuroplasticity has given Janine, Brett and her boys a new lease on life; a second chance.  They want to share this gift with the world.

Meet Arunaraje Patil

Arunaraje Patil recently won a national-level award in the best educational film category for her documentary titled ‘Behind the Glass Wall’. This is an 80-minute documentary based on Autism. While talking to dna’s Santosh Andhale, Patil explained that timely intervention can help children with Autism lead a normal life.

We are looking forward to collaborating with Arunaraje Patil on empowering our Amazing Smart Kids around the world.

Her previous films can be seen here;

Behind the Glass Wall – 80 mins – on the autistic

The Spirit Shall Fly – 38 mins – Case study of an Autistic girl

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