ABOUT AMAZING SMART KIDS: stories that make a difference

Amazing Smart Kids: Stories that make a difference is an online movement to raise awareness and funds for kids and families with brain disorders.

Developments in the area of neuroplasticity are changing lives for many people with brain disorders. We aim to inform people about these advances enabling people to have a choice to participate in non-invasive treatments that change the neuronal activity of the brain.

We are raising funds for the Inspired Minds Foundation so that families who have children with ADHD, ADD, dyslexia, autism, epilepsy, brain impairment and so forth can have access to these innovative breakthrough neuroscience based treatments.

Funding for vital treatments is a major barrier for many families; we aim to help remove this barrier.

Joining our movement can help inform, support and fund the many families that battle brain disorders every day.



An ordinary, everyday Nanna who has helped many people change their personal realities as a transformational coach and trainer. She is passionate about the area of neuroscience as a solution for many of our future challenges. Being part of her friend’s journey, Janine Thompson, has inspired Suzie to lead a movement to help many other mothers and fathers who have similar challenges.  

Suzanne Atwell


Janine’s journey is the inspiration for the start of the movement Amazing Smart Kids.

Janine represents the many “super star parents” who have found themselves besieged by brain disorders with her beloved children.  Beck 18 months and Mac 4 months were having traumatic experiences with epileptic seizures.  Beck had stopped talking, did not register what was happening in his environment and was terrified.  Mac was having seizures, over a hundred a week by the time he was 2 months old.

Neuroplasticity treatments have altered the future of her two boys.  Janine is sharing her story to inspire parents that there is hope for a brighter future.

Suzanne Atwell


“ Lindacita Sails the Bahamas” by LJ Morison is our flagship product and the first of many yet to follow.

A novel written by Linda who grew up in Jacksonville in the 60’s. Her book is about her experiences of battling a brain that would not work when she needed it to and the social isolation she suffered because she was labelled one of the dumb kids.  Her father was misguided in his intentions to help her, as his frequent spot tests increased her anxiety.  A sailing adventure to the Bahamas changed life for her and her family.

This story reflects the story of many people who we are out to reach and support.

For every book purchased during the  no brainer “buzz campaign” $10 will go to Inspired Minds Foundation  wwwinspiredmindsfoundation.org

Suzanne Atwell

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