Amazing Smart Kids requests your support. Buying a copy of Lindacita Sails the Bahamas today can make the game of changing families with brain disorders lives happen sooner.  Mac is a very lucky little boy despite the trauma of living with seizures. As he started having neuron plasticity treatments from the time he was an infant he has suffered no brain damage.  The earlier intervention can be started the greater the result.

Janine’s story continued

Treatments were started with Mac at The Institute of Functional Neuroscience. Dr Beck, a Functional Neurologist who works with other Doctors around the world with the newest technologies, is an expert on neuroplasticity. Simply said, this means that the brain has the ability to re-wire and change and Dr Beck has the knowledge, the team and the equipment to facilitate these changes.

Janine was so relieved.

From the moment she met with Dr Randy Beck Janine experienced a depth of compassion , reassurance and hope since her nightmare had started. There were no promises as to what could be the final outcome as there is no way of predicting the result. There was however a pathway with a map of what was happening in the brain of her children.

The treatments conducted by Dr Randy Beck and his team at the Institute are non-invasive. You can see the photo of Mac below wearing a yellow cap.  This is what is used to conduct the brain mapping that captures images of the brain showing how the brain is firing. Electrodes are fixed to a computer from the cap.

Seeing what was happening inside Mac’s brain gave Janine a sense of comfort as the fear of the unknown had been overwhelming.  As the science of neuroplasticity was explained to her she could actually see a pathway forward where change could happen.  For the first time since Beck’s first seizure at 9 months, Janine felt that she could breathe a small sigh of relief.

As an outsider looking in I felt jubilant for her; it struck me that any mother would want this kind of help

Mac, one of our many amazing little superstars




Below is an example of what a QUEEG (brain map) looks like.  The different colours reveal how the brain is functioning.  Blue for example, means that the brain is not firing in this area.


Sample picture of male brain using eecq

EECQ image


By Mac’s first birthday the future was looking so much brighter. Both boys were attending the clinic and having neuroplasticity treatments.

I walked in to Janine’s house to give Mac his birthday present.  I shall never forget this moment.  He was sitting in his highchair feeding himself like any other one year old. Janine is beside herself happy. His development is normal and in some areas, above normal.  No brain damage from all the seizures he had gone through.

Janine’s joy was contagious.  Whilst there was a long road in front of her with daily exercise programs and visits to clinics her boys were able to function relatively normally.  They had a future of living normal lives. What  really encouraged  Janine were the results from other epileptic patients getting neuron plasticity treatments.   Some epilepsy patients were now living seizure free and the majority of seizure patients saw a huge decrease in seizure activity.

Despite the work ahead Janine wanted to pay it forward. As I had spent months working on a book publishing idea the concept of Amazing Smart Kids started to emerge.  I have dedicated much of my working life to making a difference in empowering people to reach their full potential : building a movement to help revolutionise the lives of the  growing number of families impacted by brain disorders was a simple decision. Excuse the pun, a no brainer.

We will continue to share Janine’s story and others like her, ordinary every day heroes, our mums and dads who are challenged by the needs of high care children and hope that life can be better for their beloved child/children. The prominence of brain disorders in families is ever growing. The heartbreak experienced by many parents and children needs to be acknowledged, understood and supported.

Our first book,” Lindacita Sails the Bahamas by Linda (LJ) Morison is the perfect story to start our movement.  We are grateful to Linda for her willingness to publish her story to kick start our movement.   Linda grew up in Jacksonville in the USA during the 60’s and 70’s.  She has what Linda believes to be undiagnosed ADD and this challenged her daily life enormously.  Her story depicts her troubled family and school life battling a brain that would not “fire” as Linda grappled with learning and understanding concepts. Not only was she plagued by self- doubt, she was surrounded by people who did not understand her condition or more to the point, that she had a condition.  Many people who have similar issues can relate to her experience. Linda is telling her story to inspire others to believe that having a disability need not stop your dreams. BE BOLD. Linda’s Dad made a life changing decision that did not fit the status quo.  Taking your family on a yacht to the Bahamas as inexperienced sailors was BOLD and AUDACIOUS, particularly in the 60s.  Such a BOLD action produced life altering experiences for all the family, and for Linda, a belief that you can achieve anything you put your mind to.  Linda today, as a wife and mother of adult children, has accomplished fulfilling a satisfying career in teaching deaf  children, raising her family and supporting her husband in his legal practice.  She still sails today with her husband off the coast of Bunbury. She is writing the sequel to her book as I write this blog.

Similarly Amazing Smart Kids is a bold, audacious undertaking to alter lives for families that battle brain disorders on a daily basis. We undertake to provide inspiration and hope by spreading the message about neuron plasticity.  We are dedicated to bringing together a community of support through sharing the stories of Mums and Dads who are on the coalface every day caring for their children looking for a way to make their lives better.  We aim to provide a constant funding source through The Inspired Minds Foundation for families who want to embark on neuron plasticity and allied treatments. We intend to help shine the light on everyone understanding the world of our children with brain disorders.

We   ASK you to help because without YOU we cannot make this happen.

Lets make this a NO BRAINER

The more people share about Amazing Smart Kids the faster we can back the families who will want access to the treatments.

We need your help to  give the gift of neuroplasticity to  those that desperately want it.

Share our story and take part in our NO BRAINER  6 month buzz campaign. You can do this by pre- buying a copy of Lindacita Sails the Bahamas.

We urge you to be a part of the future that neuroscience is making available to humanity.



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