BUZZ Campaign


For the next six months our mission is to kick start Amazing Smart Kids: stories that make a difference, an online movement for raising awareness and funds for kids with brain disorders, with a pre-sale campaign that we will assist in making more offerings to the marketplace . More offerings will make more funds for our kids. Simultaneously, we will be directing funds to Inspired Minds Foundation. You can purchase “Lindacita Sails the Bahamas” with a gift of $10 to the foundation to give families a chance like Janine and her family.

Are you someone who is affected by brain disorders, either directly or indirectly? Or someone who is alarmed at the ever increasing rise in the occurence of autism?

We want YOU because we cannot let our many families besieged by the trauma of brain disorders suffer unaided when there is an amazing solution available.

We need YOU because this is a huge undertaking and many people can make this a real solution for the families who are desparate for help.

We need YOU to act today because we need to get the funding available for families fast.

MANY people already need what neuron plasticity makes available now.

Delivery of the book will be by Mid December 2017

Please share our story with all your family and friends.

Many hands make light work and will help ignite a new future for our families battling brain disorders.

A No Brainer !!!!

Welcome to Amazing Smart Kids! Please buy the book to support Amazing Smart Kids and Inspired Minds Foundation Dismiss