Becks Blog

Beck, the middle child who has suffered from seizures since he was 9 months old, wanted to write his blog too. He is so gentle, adorable and incredibly brave. Neuron plasticity treatments has enabled him to talk again (he had stopped talking at 18 months), be able to walk properly again, regain strength so that he could go up and down stairs, become spatially aware and socially engage.  He is now at school and deals with being easily frightened so does not like sudden change. Last week he was able to warn his Mum, Janine that a seizure was developing.  He told his Mum in the evening as they were getting ready to wind down for the day that he felt really scared. He did not want to go to bed by himself.  He said his head was having squiggly lines like the TV.

Little Beck is an amazing little human.  He has endured so much for his young years. His younger brother Mac too has suffered with seizures from birth.  Every seizure suffered by her children is a major blow for their Mother, who has had to trouble shoot and comfort her children through so many episodes. She feels battle scarred and numb from the repeated events. Brett, the Dad, feels helpless as he is often at work as he  works long hours to support his family.  He feels anguish not only for his boys but for his beautiful wife. He worries for her as she has been through hellish days and nights.

The family are deeply grateful to the wonderful work of Dr Beck and his team at The Institute of Functional Neuroscience. They cannot imagine where life would be if it were not for the neuron plasticity treatments.  Whilst they are still dealing with seizures the boys are able to live relatively normal lives and are developing as they should be for their age. They continue to strive to stop the seizures.

We thank   Janine, Brett, Jimi, Beck and Mack for sharing their story. Their courage and generosity is heartfelt and inspiring.  They are advocates for raising awareness of neuron plasticity as well as the plight families find themselves in when dealing with brain disorders in their children.


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