by Suzie Atwell and Janine Thompson

Part of our movement is to bring uplifting stories that make a difference to families dealing with brain disorders. All families in our fast paced life are pressed to keep up with the demand of life – families with children that have high care needs even more so. We can all do with putting focus on the brighter side of life and getting in touch with the joy and magic of our children.  Mums, Dads, Grandparents , extended family and friends too.

As part of Jimi’s vision to make a difference to all the children in the world we share this beautiful gift from Jimi to his Dad. We invite all our families to take a moment this Father’s Day to enjoy the precious gift of our children.


It was after school last week, and I am in the kitchen caught up in a mothers whirlwind of trying to get dinner sorted, homework completed, and everything else that needs to be squeezed in before soccer practice.

Jimi appears, he is holding something in his hand.

He says to me

“Mum I have made something for Dad for fathers day”

“It may be little, but inside is something really huge.”

“I made Dad a wallet charm, every-time he opens his wallet and sees this charm, he will feel happy and he will remember how much I love him.”


jimi dad love heart.jpg

The whirlwind I am caught up in stops immediately.

Wow, our kids know it all……what more could a Dad ever want or need………at our house, Fathers Day is going to be very simple but so special……………sending a Happy Father’s Day to all the AMAZING loved Dads in this world.

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