Last night Jimi, eldest son of Janine and Brett and only son of the 3 boys who is not affected by seizures, declared that he wanted to write his own blog.

This simple, heartfelt message speaks volumes.  Epilepsy( and seizures) is one of many brain disorders.

A simple action of buying your copy of Lindacita Sails the Bahamas is a first, foundational step to Amazing Smart Kids being able to provide real help and support to so many families who live with the fear and sadness that Jimi speaks of.  He wants everybody to buy a book to help other families like his. Please buy the book and share his story with your family and friends.  Together we can bring hope to the many families who are doing it alone and doing it hard. Those who are not besieged by brain disorders can help those who are by buying a copy for themselves or as a great Christmas gift.. Your help can begin the enormous task of supporting an ever growing problem in a family you know.


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jimi's blog

by Jimi

I love my brothers very much. I am really sad that they are sick. I can play with them but I can’t play rough.  When I go to bed and they are in hospital I get really scared and sad.  My brothers are very beautiful.   Jimi (8 years old)


Jimi hugging his brothers Beck and Mac (wearing red goggles).

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