Janine Thompson  August 12,2017

This is really cool.

Last night around 8.30pm little Beck came out from his bed to tell me that he was scared, and that he felt like something was going to happen to him.

I had just sat down and was having a bowl of soup for dinner, so I told him all was okay and to go and jump back into bed as it was very late, and that I would just finish my dinner, and then I would come in and see him.

20 seconds later a little face appeared around the corner; “have you finished your dinner yet Mummy,  I am waiting for you”.

I went into his bedroom; Jimi and Beck share a double bunk bed, they both sleep down the bottom together.

Jimi and Beck Book.jpeg

I asked Beck “what are you sacred of?” he was unsure, “I just feel like something bad is going to happen to me” he replied.

I looked at my 2 beautiful boys and wondered what troubles could make a little boy so scared and worried, I knew we had to try and resolve the issue so he could get to sleep.

I wanted him to go to sleep, thinking beautiful thoughts, not feeling scared.

We started talking about the beautiful warm soft bed that the boys slept in, and how they were side by side, how awesome is that. We looked around their cosy bedroom, it has a warm and safe feeling, we spoke about our beautiful home and how lucky we are to have each other.

Then we started something really cool, we started creating how little Beck’s day was going to look when he woke in the morning, he would wake up in his cosy bed and get up for a yummy breakfast and get ready to go to school where he would see his all his friends.

2 minutes later Beck was peacefully asleep.

Jimi was still awake and looking at me: I said to him, “you, Beck and Mac are going to write your story, a story where you create your adventure for the next day, at night we are going to read your story so you can go to sleep peacefully without feeling unsafe or troubled, the story you boys write will help to create your future. Just imagine if we start a  movement where all children on this planet write their story, a story of love, peace, dreams and exciting adventures, their own journey to live into. Can you imagine how beautiful and peaceful this world would be, and how happy and trouble free the children will be?”.

Jimi looked at me and said; “are we really going to do that Mum?”, I answered “Yes”. Jimi hopped out of bed and threw his arms around me “thank you Mum” he said.

That moment for me was the beginning of Amazing Smart Kids, stories that make a difference…………….Stories that are written by our children, stories that will recreate this world.


jimi,beck,mac bath.jpeg



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